Lil’ Kim is Undead

A Vancouver-based artist has recently sued Lil’ Kim alleging that Kim stole her signature Zombie makeup design as a cover image for her new album.  I, for one, call bullshit; anyone who has followed Lil’ Kim in any capacity over the last half decade can attest that Lil’ Kim has looked like a reanimated corpse for years.  This is nothing new.  At best Kim presently looks like a bronzed Matryoshka doll, at worst she can pass for a partially mummified Tanzler bride.  As even the most cursory Google image search can attest, Lil’ Kim has been dedicated to looking like a zombie long before the Walking Dead made it in anyway fashionable.  Kim should be lauded for her efforts by the undead community, not decried. 

The article is listed below, but the decision to include a recent picture of Kim quickly debunks the artist’s claims.  Whenever I’ve seen photos of Lil’ Kim in the past few years it’s always looked as if she’s wearing an elaborate Lil’ Kim mask.  Female masking is an unheralded art form and if this is what it takes to bring it wider visibility, then so be it.



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